Share The Love with Towne

Share The Love with Towne

In the month of February 2015, the agents of Towne Realty Group, LLC Short Hills, NJ, hope to raise awareness and make a difference in our local communities in Essex, Morris and Union County. In honor of Valentine’s Day and in an effort to raise money for NJ charities and organizations, we have created the #ShareTheLove  listing […]


You need to sell your house SEVEN times to get to a closing

Once upon a time you could put a for sale sign in the yard and your house would sell. Today, selling a home is not that simple: popping a sign in the ground does very little to attract a buyer. Placing an ad in the paper, telling your friends and neighbors, holding an open house, putting some photos on the Internet and […]

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Inside the oil tank - Karen Bigos from Towne Realty Group

Underground Oil Tanks: The inside scoop

Thinking of selling your home? Remove your oil tank now! Take it out of the ground, before you list or show your home. The first thing I suggest is that you conduct a tank scan. I know you probably did this a few years ago, but equipment is better now and searches cover more land now. In […]

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Towne Realty Group Market area map in North New Jersey

Tips on How to Win the Bidding War in Short Hills, NJ

In the first two weeks of 2015, the market in Short Hills, NJ has been back to it’s old tricks! New listings are receiving offers the first day on the market, with multiple offers over the list price, within 24 hours! Our seasoned pros at Towne Realty Group are in multiple offer bidding on a […]

The Five Star Professional Award Winners for 2014 from Towne Realty Group

Towne Realty Group wins Five Star Professional Awards for 12 agents in 2015

For the fourth consecutive year, Towne Realty Group, Short Hills Office is proud to be included on the list of Five Star Professional Award Winners for 2015, with twelve agents who won high marks in customer service for a transaction consummated from April 2013 to April 2014. Congratulations to our lucky dozen! Five Star Professional conducted […]

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