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Free Ice Cream in Short Hills, NJ – Open Sunday, 8/30 from 1 to 4

Come for a free ice cream on Sunday, August 30th at our Public Open House from 1 to 4 pm at 21 Elsway Road in Short Hills, NJ! Tired of sitting in traffic, driving to the Jersey Shore or The Hamptons? Too hot to play golf? Sick of wishing you had your own pool? Don’t […]

Towne Realty Group Scholarship Winner for 2015 from Millburn High School

Towne Realty Group Scholarship Award for 2015

Since we opened our company in 2006, we have set aside money to be donated to hard-working, community-minded seniors in various local high schools in New Jersey. They have been recognized for their achievements upon high school graduation. Having donated over $11,000 to students from Summit High School, Columbia High School, Millburn High School and […]

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Short Hills

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Posting to the public or even friends of friends that you are away is dangerous.

BE SMART & Protect your home: don’t tell people you are away

  Here are some important safeguards and tricks one can employ to avoid attention to your vacant home. First of all, you and your neighbors need to watch each other’s backs during times when people travel most. Email five friends to the left and right and also several families across the street and find out […]

Daniel Cannizzo and Karen Eastman Bigos pose for a photo over ten years ago.  
Now in 2015, they are celebrating their 9th anniversary at their start-up company, Towne Realty Group, LLC

Building A Billion Dollar Brand at Towne Realty Group

  Back in 2005, after working for over twenty-two years at two large real estate corporations with thousands of people, I decided it was time to open my own Real Estate Boutique and build a new, quality brand.  With no desire to use my last name in the title; I searched for a name that would capture the […]

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