Why Does Karen Bigos love TRULIA?

If you want to be a top listing and selling agent in residential real estate in 2011, then you need to LOVE Trulia.

Trulia CEO Pete Flint talks to Karen Bigos from Towne Realty Group at Inman News Real Estate Connect in NYC - January 2011

As one of the top real estate agents in the Millburn, NJ and Short Hills, NJ markets for almost 3 decades, with over $500,000,000 in sales and 750 homes closed, being well known and respected on line, is an important part of conducting business and getting leads.

Five years ago, when I opened my new company, Towne Realty Group. a small real estate boutique in Short Hills, New Jersey, I had not even heard of Trulia.com. Soon after we got started, I realized that if I wanted to grow and prosper, I had to get onto Trulia. This TRULIA is one of the best places to promote Short Hills, NJ real estate.

Trulia is undeniably one of the top websites where my buyers and sellers are going to do their homework and research, and I need to be right where my clients are. Guess what? My colleagues are there too and I want to promote my listings to the local agents so they will also show their buyers!

At Towne Realty Group we hold dozens of public open houses each Sunday, and when we ask visitors, “How did you hear about our open House?” often the answer is:

 “I saw the house on Trulia.”

For Valentine’s Day, Trulia offered Realtors® a chance to express their love for Trulia in the form of a contest. Tell Trulia why you love them and be entered to win a $250 dinner for two for Valentines Day. It is not hard for me to enter and say why I am such a big fan. In all honesty, I’d like to win the Romantic Dinner for two, but even if there were not a contest, I would be happy to write this post.

Towne Realty Group offices are at 511 Millburn Avenue, Short Hills, NJ

So why exactly do I LOVE TRULIA? Here are my top 10 reasons (but there really are many more!)

1. Trulia has great page rank on all the major search engines so buyers always find my listings.

2. Trulia has a user friendly site that is easy for the public to navigate. Check it out!

3. Trulia allows me to post my listings for free and it is easy to use as a real estate agent.

4. Trulia has great weekly reports that I can email to my sellers to show them them the page views on their home.

5. Trulia has an informative blog that has taught me a lot of what I need to know in my business. Have you been to Trulia Voices? Go Now!

6. Trulia offers great opportunities for real estate agents to be masters of their preferred zip codes. I advertise on 07041 and 07078!

7. Trulia brings me lots of qualified leads and I have sold many homes as a direct result of Trulia. My first lead on Trulia was for a listing at $1,900,000. One of the contemporary homes in Short Hills, NJ with a niche audience.  It was the only house I showed to this family, which I then sold to them, and they have become my friends!

8. Trulia does not have zestimates!

9. Trulia uses the color green which is good in many ways. (Environmentalists and people in finance love GREEN $$.)

10. Last but not least, Trulia’s founder and CEO, Pete Flint is a brilliant and charming visionary. Of all the CEO’s that I friended on facebook, he was by far the nicest and most personable. Yes, Trulia is an Internet company but it is refreshing that the owner is a person who makes an effort to meet his fans.  He also has that fabulous accent to go along with his good looks.

Seriously, this is not just about winning a free dinner. There are dozens of places where I can advertise my company, my listings and my personal brand. If I had to choose one (besides Towne Realty Group.com) that is cutting edge and really helping me build my business, than I choose Trula!

Towne Realty Group puts on some red for Valentine's Day - because we love TRULIA too!

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